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Elfeves Men's Paisley Floral Ascot Ties Jacquard Woven Evening Luxurious Cravat

Elfeves Mens Paisley Floral Ascot Ties Jacquard Woven Evening Luxurious Cravat
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  • Total length 46"(117cm), the widest part 6.1"(15.5cm), the narrowest part 2.2"(5.5cm). Material: Polyester and Silk,High quality,classic fashion design,it is suitable for Business/Meeting/Wedding/Party/Casual/Formal.
  • There is no way around it: Every man needs to own at least one purple colors ascot necktie. Purple is a powerful shade that will add some mysteriousness to all your tan, beige, gray, and blue suits. It is a perfect color to add new personality to your everyday suits and shirts. Give it a try!
  • A stylish tie in two trendy colors: Black and purple. If you are looking for a bold and stylish ascot necktie then this is the one for you.
  • The intricate pattern of flowers and paisleys is woven into the fabric. It is the perfect tie in combination with black dress shirt and/or charcoal gray suit.
  • This tie looks and feels like a silk tie, but unlike silk, this tie is much more resistant to stains and wrinkles. It is the perfect material for any daily wear necktie.

Editorial Reviews:
Ascot Tie

1. The name 'ascot' refers to the British town of Ascot, where a famous horse-race takes place since 1771. When at the event, and in the presence of the King, wearing the ascot was mandatory. This is a beautiful quality satin ascot cravat that has an iridescent appearance in the light, making it a truly stunning cravat showing the rich deep colors. Available in different colors. Comfortable to wear and easy to tie.

2. Ascots are usually much loser tied than traditional neckties, and secured with a tie pin that is commonly decorated with a pearl or round silver or gold ball. Traditionally the ascot is associated with morning or daytime attire.

3. At Elfeves we also carry a selection of patterned, formal, as well as casual ascots. please visit our category page containing all our Ascots How to Wear an Ascot

Traditionally the ascot was part of formal daytime attire in 19th century England. The ascot tie was paired with a tailcoat jacket, also known as Morning Coat, was loosely tied and secured with a decorative pin that often times was made out of precious metals and/or stones. Today the ascot is worn with much less rigidity. It is commonly worn for elegant leisure wear. The decorative tie pin is left off and the ascot is tugged inside the dress shirt that has the top few buttons left undone. Matching Ascots ? Considering Colors and Patterns

*combine large with small patterns.
A checkered dress shirt with wide spread pattern is a great choice. Now, what about a matching tie? Once again, vary the size of the patterns. If you chose a checkered dress shirt with wider spread pattern, choose a tie with small patterns. A tie with tiny polka dots would be a great fit. If you are unsure, you can always choose a solid color tie with a checkered or striped dress shirt.

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